APRIL 12, 2017


It's time to show how the arts improve Oklahoma. 

We invite arts and culture supporters from across the state to join together at the State Capitol on April 12, 2017 to deliver a unified message to our Oklahoma Legislators:

The arts and culture industry develops communities, improves education, and grows the economy. 

Because of construction and Capitol reservations, the event will be different and dynamic. We will focus on advocacy training and spending time with your legislators.

Oklahoma Arts Day will be Wednesday, April 12 from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m on the 2nd Floor of the State Capitol

Participants will meet with their elected representatives and experience music, performance and visual art throughout the day.

Come for part or participate in the whole day! Register here

Throughout the Day: Live Music & Arts
9-10:15 am: Advocacy Training with options for experienced and newer advocates
10:30-11:30 am: Kickoff event
11:30-1:30 Invite your Legislators to lunch with us on the 2nd Floor & Visit your Legislators' offices

Come for part or participate in the whole day!


If you love arts and cultural heritage and know they improve Oklahoma, please join us at the Capitol. Community leaders, artists, arts administrators, museum leaders, board members, volunteers, educators, and others are welcome.

Event is free & open to the public. Advocacy Training will take place before Arts Day.  Choose whether you want to order a lunch as well.

Note for Nonprofit arts & culture Organizations:
Because of the space and schedule changes, the event will NOT have booth/table space for individual arts and culture nonprofit organizations this year. Instead, we ask you to bring a team of staff, board members and volunteers to deliver information about your impact directly to your legislators.





Kay Decker (Alva)
Kristen Vails (OKC)


Marjorie Bontemps (Tulsa)
Krystle Brewer (Tulsa) 
Rob Crissinger (Tulsa)
Laura Eccles (Tulsa)
Jonathan Fowler (Norman)
Sheri Ishmael-Waldrop (Sapulpa)
Kenneth Kelsey (Ringwood)
Kyle Larson (Alva)
Cayla Lewis (Oklahoma City)
Taylor Mauldin Wagner (Norman)
Noah Milligan (Oklahoma City)
Cami Stinson (Shawnee)    
Lucy Swanson (Guthrie)
Angela Williams (Paoli)


What is Oklahoma Arts Day?

Oklahomans for the Arts works to increase public investment in arts and culture, public art and arts education by bringing advocates to the State Capitol to talk to their legislators about the importance of the arts to our lives and our economy. Arts advocates attend the event at the State Capitol to meet with legislators and ask them to support arts funding and arts education. There is a kickoff rally and performances throughout the day.


Who are Oklahomans for the Arts?

Oklahomans for the Arts envisions a state where every citizen is able to experience and benefit from arts & culture. Oklahomans for the Arts is a statewide 501c3 nonprofit organization formed in 2011. Supporters and advocates include more than 4,000 business and civic leaders, educators, artists, and arts administrators across the state.


Who Attends Oklahoma Arts Day?

Oklahomans who love arts and culture and know it makes Oklahoma better attend Oklahoma Arts Day. Attendees include artists of all kinds, arts administrators, museum leaders, board members, educators and civic leaders who support the arts. If you are interested, register now!

This year we will not have nonprofit arts and culture organization tables, but encourage arts and culture organization staff, board and volunteers to attend and support the sector. 

Attendees are welcome to drop in for part or participate in the whole day!


Why Should I Go?

Your presence shows legislators the strength of Oklahoma’s statewide arts community. You demonstrate that arts and culture leaders are watching and care how the State invests in our communities.

Your participation will help Legislators understand the value of arts and culture in your own community.


What are the Primary Issues This Year?

  1. Budget shortfall: The legislature will likely be still negotiating the budget for the upcoming year. The budget will include any arts funding for the Oklahoma Arts Council and arts education.
  2. Short term: We must be ever vigilant to help make the arts accessible in every corner of the state. This year’s mid-year cuts mean ALL funding is under negotiation.
  3. Long term: We must build relationships with our elected officials to prepare for future arts-friendly policy and funding.