Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma – Oklahoma City |  501(c)(3) Non-profit  |   www.LyricTheatreOKC.com

Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma – Oklahoma City |  501(c)(3) Non-profit  |  www.LyricTheatreOKC.com

Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma produces quality professional theatre that is available across the state through Lyrics’ Musical Interactive program. Musical Interactive is one of the ways Lyric is encouraging, educating and enriching the lives of Oklahomans.

Musical Interactive has been providing Oklahoma schoolchildren with an irreplaceable, free live art program that complements their classroom history lessons since 2007.

Many of the schools that participate in Musical Interactive are located in communities where there is little or no access to the arts due to financial or geographical limitations. For many students, Musical Interactive was the first live performance they had ever seen.

During the most recent school year, 33,773 students from 83 schools in 32 cities across 20 counties participated in the program. 59 of those schools were considered Title 1 and 57% of all the students served are on the Free and Reduced School Lunch program.

Lyric’s Musical Interactive offers students a rich, lively perspective on their own history. It also provides them with opportunities to learn and practice skills like emotive communication and storytelling that will serve them and their communities throughout their lives.

Students of all backgrounds from all across the state have benefited from these lessons in positive communication because of the funding of the Oklahoma Arts Council.

Deep cuts or a total loss of funding to Musical Interactive could result in a fee structure being imposed to offset program costs. Such fees would make Musical Interactive inaccessible to many of the students who could benefit most from this opportunity to cultivate their communication skills and their engagement with learning.

This story celebrates 50 years of the Oklahoma Arts Council and how the state’s investments have positive ripple effects on communities across Oklahoma. See other stories or follow this link for more information.