The arts sector creates ripple effects of benefits throughout our state, improving communities, growing the economy and advancing education.

The Oklahoma Arts Council leads that ripple effect.

Our state government agency for arts and culture, the Oklahoma Arts Council’s funding, leadership development, community development, and technical support have helped our state thrive for 50 years.

To honor their anniversary, we are beginning a 50-part story capturing some of their impacts through grants to schools, organizations, and cities across the state.  

We wish we could track every dollar generated through their investments by tourists attracted or economy stimulated. We wish we could enumerate every neighborhood made livelier or community revitalized. We wish we could assess the improvements across students’ whole lives.  We wish we could estimate the connections made and understanding increased among diverse populations through common experiences and shared perspectives.  

Through the specific stories that follow, we only hope to capture a small snapshot of the Oklahoma Arts Council’s deep impact still rippling throughout our state.

The Cities and towns highlighted so far in the series.

The Cities and towns highlighted so far in the series.

Read the series here: 50 Stories 50 Years Series.

We welcome your experiences. If you’ve seen a ripple effect because of the Oklahoma Arts Council, please share your story. You can email us or fill out this form for organizations or this form for individuals.

–Julia Kirt, Executive Director, and Elizabeth Sidler, Administrative Assistant, Oklahomans for the Arts