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The Arts in Guthrie works to support the city of Guthrie through arts district development, economic development, community building, and education.  

Beyond funding, the Oklahoma Arts Council helped the group develop basic foundations through a Cultural District Plan and recognition as an State Certified Cultural District. 

The Arts in Guthrie’s Executive Director participated in the Oklahoma Arts Council’s Leadership Arts program, where she learned to see the artistic and cultural resources already present in Guthrie and learned how to effectively organize around them.

From glass blowing at G Gallery to art spaces like aunt Gertrude’s House, music spaces like Double Stop Music Shop, and performance venues like The Pollard Theatre, Guthrie’s arts and culture district is thriving.

Through a 2014 Oklahoma Arts Council Cultural Development Grant, The Arts in Guthrie began laying a foundation from which to build recognition of the district. Now in the second year of the grant, The Arts in Guthrie is “ready to brand and market [their] community as one of the premier arts destinations in the state,” said the Executive Director.

The growth that The Arts in Guthrie has already seen in Guthrie’s cultural district is a harbinger of the strength of the arts as an economic stimulus for future growth in Guthrie.

The Arts in Guthrie is supporting the addition of arts and cultural attractions to diversify its tourism sector and attract new demographics for events, festivals, and businesses catering to the arts.

The Arts in Guthrie has seen support from the Oklahoma Arts Council decrease in the last two years as the budget for public support of the arts was cut, and further cuts would continue to slow the progress of arts growth and revitalization in the cultural district.

As a local organization bringing a unified voice to the arts in their town, The Arts in Guthrie exemplifies the way public support of the arts provides connective tissue between artists, arts organizations, and arts patrons in order to make the most of the vast arts and cultural resources in our state.  

This story celebrates 50 years of the Oklahoma Arts Council and how the state’s investments have positive ripple effects on communities across Oklahoma. See other stories or follow this link for more information.