The ballet performance of Romeo and Juliet: one of the many performances supported by the Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust

Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust  |  501(c)(3) Non-profit  |  http://www.tulsapactrust.org/

The Tulsa Performing Arts Center Trust (TPACT), established in 1977, is one of the many local arts non-profits supported by state funds from the Oklahoma Arts Council.

The grants available to Tulsa area arts organizations through the TPACT are a critical component of the cultural life of the city.

The TPACT is a great example of ways communities can benefit from the collaboration of municipal and state level organizations and funding.

Each year, in addition to supporting local arts organizations, the TPACT presents a season of entertainment events including headline and main stage acts; music; theatre for young audiences; and educational workshops for families and mature audiences.

The trust has said, “We always argue that arts organizations cannot afford to lose federal, state or municipal funding…but in truth, the government cannot afford to stop supporting the arts…The arts do more than introduce children to ‘culture.’ [They] help build more concerned, engaged citizens.”

In the face of continued cuts to the Oklahoma Arts Council’s budget, the Tulsa Performing arts Center Trust widened the scope of the discussion beyond itself saying, “while Tulsa may have the necessary resources to struggle along [in spite of cuts], many small rural communities do not.”

The interconnection of all industries in Oklahoma – creative and otherwise – is an important starting place for any discussion of the state’s economic vitality, and the Tulsa Performing Arts Trust recognizes the value of the Oklahoma Arts Council’s contribution to the arts and culture sector.

This story celebrates 50 years of the Oklahoma Arts Council and how the state’s investments have positive ripple effects on communities across Oklahoma. See other stories or follow this link for more information.