Today at noon the Oklahoma Legislature convenes. At 12:30 Governor Mary Fallin will present her State of the State address (watch live on OETA).

With the Legislature creating decisions affecting arts and culture, arts education and public art statewide, we need your help to educate your elected officials on the importance of the arts and the work they can do to make a difference at the State Capitol.

Before any bills are heard in committees or debates take place on the floor, we want them to know we appreciate their work for our state. Also, we want your legislators to know that public investment in arts and culture improves their home district. Please introduce yourself or reconnect with your legislators. Our new email system will make it easy to say “thanks” in just a few minutes.

You will see two sample letters to help you get started. Please remember that consistent communication is the key. Keep an ongoing dialog with your legislator and make a habit of sending them good news about arts and culture in your district.

Write to them today:

    Oklahoma House Chambers


Oklahoma House Chambers

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