Talking Points: Why State Investment in Arts & Culture Matters

Hundreds of arts and culture supporters will gather at the Oklahoma Capitol on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 to celebrate Oklahoma Arts Day.  Read our legislative priorities and reasoning below.

All are welcome at Oklahoma Arts Day. Sign up here.

Oklahomans for the Arts' Legislative Priority Fact Sheets for Oklahoma Arts Day 2017

Oklahomans for the Arts' Legislative Priority Fact Sheets for Oklahoma Arts Day 2017


We affirm the Oklahoma Arts Council as an important agency.

We seek improved funding for the Oklahoma Arts Council.

Why the Oklahoma Arts Council Makes Economic Sense:

  • The Oklahoma Arts Council generates strong return on investment, leveraging an $8 return in state and local tax revenue on each $1 of seed funding.
  • Oklahoma Arts Council funds leverage more community support, with $1 in public investment attracting $14 in private match.
  • The Oklahoma Arts Council makes up less than .04% of the state’s budget. Cuts to the agency will not close the budget gap.
  • The arts sector supports more than 10,000 full time jobs and has a direct impact of $314.8M on Oklahoma’s economy.

How the Oklahoma Arts Council Is Well Managed:

  • The Oklahoma Arts Council is very efficiently administered with a very low ratio of overhead expense, using only 9% of its budget on administration.
  • The Oklahoma Arts Council has an independent 15-member board appointed by the Governor that has the authority to select or discharge the executive director and approve all strategy and grants.
  • The Oklahoma Arts Council answers directly to the Legislature for appropriations.

Oklahoma Arts Council: Means the Arts & Culture Industry

  • In 2016, Oklahoma Arts Council funded programs in 80 communities in 51 counties through schools, local governments and nonprofit organizations.
  • The Oklahoma Arts Council’s budget has already been cut drastically (see budget facts).
  • Learn more about the Oklahoma Arts Council’s work through their Impact Report.

Oklahoma Arts Council: Means Art Education
Oklahoma Arts Council grants leverage important arts education across the state. In 2016:

  • ·168,491 youth participated in arts education activities in schools provided by nonprofit organizations supported by the Oklahoma Arts Council or through direct funding by the Oklahoma Arts Council.
  • The Oklahoma Arts Council’s budget impacts teaching artists in schools, the performing artist roster, after school arts programs, community arts education and more.

This is a public-private partnership that works!

Download a PDF of this information here

Tonnie Dosser