Asking Candidates About Arts & Culture

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The Oklahoma primary elections are quickly approaching, and people want to know what policies their candidates support. We will be running a survey that gives candidates a chance to articulate their views on funding and supporting the arts in Oklahoma. We know that the arts and culture are integral to improving our state, and we hope that arts programs and events can continue to become accessible to all residents.

Here are some questions you can ask candidates:

  1. Do you support increased appropriations for the Oklahoma Arts Council so that arts & cultural organizations and schools in your district can present high quality arts programs for all residents?

  2. Do you support the Oklahoma Arts Council remaining an independent agency to maintain its mission, efficiency and future?

  3. Would you support policies to strengthen arts education, helping young people succeed in the global economies of today?

Results will be published on our blog before the Primary Elections on June 26.

If you are a candidate for the Oklahoma State Senate or House of Representatives you can find the survey link here:

Update: Survey now closed.