Mayors Confirm Value of Arts & Culture

OKC Mayor David Holt (3rd from L) participates in US Conference of Mayors conference in June 2018.

OKC Mayor David Holt (3rd from L) participates in US Conference of Mayors conference in June 2018.

Many mayors across the country understand and confirm the value of arts and culture.

At the annual United States Conference of Mayors, the group adopted multiple resolutions that confirmed the importance of the arts.

Also, their annual survey of mayors shows that arts and culture is still a high priority for economic development across the country. See this report for more information, especially page 7.

Thanks to Americans for the Arts for representing the arts at the Mayors’ gatherings and for sharing this information with us.

Click through the topic areas to see the full resolutions. Share pertinent information with your local city leaders!

1. Supporting Cultural Equity

…the U.S. Conference of Mayors support and promote cultural equity and encourage substantive learning to build cultural consciousness and to proliferate pro-equity policies and practices.

2. Arts and Business Partnerships Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

the United States Conference of Mayors encourages businesses to leverage arts-based partnerships to achieve internal and external diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.

3. Arts and Culture Funding for FY 2019 Federal Appropriations

The United States Conference of Mayors urges the federal government to invest in nonprofit arts organizations through local arts agencies as a catalyst to generate economic impact, create jobs, stimulate business development, spur urban renewal, attract tourists and area residents to community activities, and to improve the overall quality of life in America’s cities …

4. Art in Public Transportation Projects

…transit agencies and communities alike have benefited from the integration of art into public transportation projects in numerous other ways, including improved safety and security, increased ridership, and boosted economic activity through tourism and community pride

5. National Arts and Humanities Month

…the arts and humanities affect every aspect of life in America today including the economy, social problem solving, job creation, education, creativity, and community livability…

6. Celebrating National Arts in Education Week

The United States Conference of Mayors reaffirms the importance of the arts as an essential part of a complete and well-rounded education

7. Supporting Blue Star Museums

…to encourage museums in their communities to participate in this national program serving active duty personnel and their families.

8. Funding Arts, Health, and Well-Being Across the Military Continuum 

The United States Conference of Mayors supports continued funding through the Department of Veterans Affairs and Department of Defense for creative arts therapies services and artist-directed programs for veterans and active military.