Our job is to keep you in the loop and help your interests be heard as arts advocates. We’ve been watching and just wanted to give a quick summary of the current state budget status.

  • Legislative leaders have announced a budget deal that includes reducing the Oklahoma Arts Council’s funding by a disappointing 16.3% from their last year’s appropriation (among cuts to many agencies). Already agreed upon by the House leadership and the Governor’s office, the budget bill has now been passed by the Senate and will be presented in the House soon.
  • No legislation has been introduced to consolidate the Oklahoma Arts Council.
  • We don’t know the final impact of the state’s education budget on local districts’ commitment to arts education, but will be assessing that.

Arts advocates have made their voices heard in record numbers this year. We have worked hard on strategic advocacy to make sure we’re effective together.

We will issue a full evaluation of the results from the budget and arts-related legislation soon.

We appreciate all your action and support.