Informed, engaged arts supporters votes count!

The elections take place November 4 with statewide primaries on June 24. Be sure your voter registration is up-to-date on the Oklahoma State Election Board’s site here.

578 Candidates: 

With 578 registered candidates, this is an important campaign season across the state.

The Oklahoma’s House of Representatives will be campaigning this year with all up for reelection every two years. Also, one third of Oklahoma’s State Senators will be elected this November. The Governor and Lieutenant Governor are also up for reelection, along with the Superintendent of Public Instruction and many other positions.

Oklahomans for the Arts will prepare surveys to gather information about candidates’ views on public funding for the arts and advancing the arts statewide.  Until those are released, you can ask candidates about their support for public funding for the arts. Arts leaders can put arts on each candidate’s agenda.  Here’s sample questions from LA for Arts for candidates.