Tuesday, July 14, 2015, marks the primaries for the special elections to the Oklahoma House of Representatives Districts 73 and 85.  See our Candidate Survey on Arts & Culture results here.

We asked the candidates to outline their arts participation and policies on funding for the Oklahoma Arts Council and arts education.

For District 73 in Tulsa, this Tuesday will be the winner-take-all election as only Democrats filed for the seat. Seven candidates filed and three of those replied to the survey.

For District 85 in Oklahoma City, only Cyndi Munson, has responded to the survey. Four candidates are vying for the Republican slot, which will be decided Tuesday. Munson is the the lone Democrat and will face the Republican primary winner at the Special Election September 8, 2015.

See the Special Elections Candidate Survey on Arts and Culture results here: OK-ArtsCultureSurveyResponses-SpecialElection-2015.

Last summer, we issued our first results from our Candidate Survey on Arts & Culture for the 2014 elections. You can see those results here.

Find your legislator here. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.