As more arts advocates have gotten engaged, Oklahomans for the Arts has heard frequently that there is an interest in learning more about candidates and elected officials and their policies on arts and culture.

So, Oklahomans for the Arts just mailed the first Candidate Survey on Oklahoma Arts and Culture to 192 candidates statewide. The survey inquires their personal engagement in the arts as well as asks their stance on the Oklahoma Arts Council and arts education.

We hope the survey will give candidates and newly elected officials an opportunity to articulate their views about the arts in our state.

Results of the survey will  help educate voters on the candidates. The survey results will be posted before the primary runoff elections on August 26 and the general election on November 4, 2014.

Surveys were sent to 46 potential State Senators and 146 candidate for State Representatives. Of those, 71 individuals have already been elected or reelected because they ran unopposed in the primaries or general election.

We encourage arts advocates around the state to ask these same questions of candidates in your own district—in person or at forums. By asking these or similar questions, you can show the candidates these issues matter to their voters and that arts supporters are united.

View the survey here: OFTA Candidate Survey PDF as a PDF or here OFTA Candidate Survey as a Word Doc.

We welcome your feedback. Any candidates who need additional information, please email Executive Director Julia Kirt.