Talking Points: Arts Education in Oklahoma

Hundreds of arts and culture supporters will gather at the Oklahoma Capitol on Wednesday, April 12, 2017 to celebrate Oklahoma Arts Day.  Read our priorities for arts education below.
We request your support of school-based art teachers, arts integration and community arts and culture programs.

We affirm funding for the Oklahoma Arts Council as important to a well-rounded education statewide. 

We seek improved funding for public education that allows well-rounded learning including arts education.

For a child’s education to be complete, it must include the arts. Arts education---- music, dance, visual arts, drama/theatre and media arts-- prepares students for school, work and life. Students from early childhood to high school gain from arts education in multiple ways:

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Beginning January 1, 2016, Oklahomans for the Arts (OFTA) will launch a yearlong intensive effort to gather data about Oklahoma’s nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences. Through this effort, we’ll learn about the investments these organizations are making in Oklahoma’s economy. We’ll also assess how audiences spend their money attending cultural events around the state. The Oklahoma study is part of Americans for the Arts‘ national Arts & Economic Prosperity 5.

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