Photo by Peter Dolese

Photo by Peter Dolese


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OFTA'S GOAL: Oklahomans for the Arts is dedicated to empowering arts supporters throughout the state to become advocates for arts-friendly policies. Our goal, as we mature as an organization is to organize artists, audiences, arts educators and arts organizations and the general public in urban, suburban and rural areas who believe arts and culture contribute to the economy, and contribute to quality-of-life.

Use the side bar to find updates and our position on legislation under "Key Legislation." See any advocacy alerts or calls for contacting your legislators about time-sensitive issues under "Actions." Learn about our annual advocacy day at the Capitol here. See our latest post about location action and research here.

Legislators Want to Hear from Locals

The most important piece of this puzzle is you. Your input is important to your legislators, whether it be letters, meetings, phone calls, or even a simple e-mail. Did you know legislators want to hear from their hometown constituents? They are at the Capitol from around the first of February to the end of May every year writing potential legislation and voting on new laws. Just a few calls from a legislator's district can make a big difference in how he or she votes, but the legislator must hear from you.


Did you know nonprofits can spend up to 20 percent of their time and/or budget on lobbying? Oklahomans for the Arts encourages its members and arts advocates statewide to contact their state legislators. Here's an overview of the guidelines and below are questions to guide your communication:

  1. Do you support public funding for the arts? Remember to use the word public. Many legislators support arts and culture, but fewer support public funding for the arts.
  2. Do you support maintaining or increasing funding to the Oklahoma Arts Council?
  3. Do you support the Art in Public Places program?
  4. If you have questions about lobbying's rules for nonprofits, please contact Julia Kirt, OFTA Executive Director.